Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I am such a nice landlord, considering the land I own is my utrerus

People told Mike and I that the last month of this pregnancy was going to drag out and seem like 3 months...those people are LIARS.

This past nine months has shot by like nothing. Now I am 37 weeks and 3 days, I will be 38 weeks on Saturday, and my due date is less than 3 weeks away! Now back in November I started to pretend my due date was the entire month of Febuary that way I wouldn't be freaking out counting down the days til my estimated due date, watching it pass and then freaking out and having nervous twitchy attacks(I have never had those attacks but I assume thats what happens) or also being scared if I go into labor before my due date even if its really close. I thought that pretending that made me a GENUS! But I don't think it was so hot an idea now.
My hubby even thought it was a great idea and bought into too.

Back to the liars. THEY ARE LIARS. We are fairly much completely prepared for a baby, like clothes and stuff, and I even think we are as mentally prepared as we prolly can be, being first time parents and all. But we are willing to wait... we are not having me do umping jacks in the living room or drinking tea or whatever it is to induce labor, we are actually praying that we don't accidently do something that will make labor come faster.

In no way does that mean we aren't extremely, crazily excited to meet Junior...I'm actually not sure what it means. Maybe we are patient? BAHAHAHAHA, no we are definatly not patient. But we are perfectly willing and desperatly wanting to wait til at LEAST Febuary. And now that the month is fast approaching we realize that faking ourselves out with the due date, we have accidently made the entire month of Febuary a nervous waiting month.

Friends ask us, "I bet you want that baby out now huh?" and when we say, "No, we're good." They look at us like we a new kind of bug and then don't know how to respond. Maybe we are a new kind of bug.

If we are I want to be a really cool green glittery bug with iridescent wings and really skinny purple antenna and big yellow eyes that kind of look like fly eyes, but less creepy, and when I fly I don't want to make any noise and I want to be an all year around bug that way they never know when I am coming!

.... I guess this is a good place to end my post...on bugs

ps if any of you take my bug idea we are going to have some problems

pps if any of you find a way to turn yourself into bugs I guess I will be low on the list of problems

ppps I feel like this post has turned into me just spuing nonsense

pppps my wings would look like ladybug wings

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