Monday, September 26, 2011

Did I mention I think I am more violent?

Pretty sure I did post that at some point.

I am not sure that my feeling of violent behavior is even note worthy to the normal population. I have only felt the urge once to hit someone, then actually follow through with the urge. I felt terrible immediately afterwards....sorry Mike, but the snow was really cold and it got in my socks!

Other than that one situation, I don't have any other examples of violence.

Now however, I believe my pregnancy has effected that dormant part in my brain. It's not necessarily violence, but it sure feels like it to me. I scream at people who drive stupid, hoping that their windows are down so they can hear me, I have to stop myself from yelling at the old people who, inconsiderately, stand in front of my friends wedding video and block the view, and its a weird and new sensation, that I don't control well because I have never had to.

And controlling it in the current situation that I find myself in is turning into something nearly impossible.

My photography professor is a bitch, and I am going to make her cry.

I have checked with other trusted people on what they would do to a person who talks someone(me) into buying a inexpensive camera to replace her old broken one then mocks said inexpensive camera in front of the class calling it a "shitty cheap camera", a person who pulls someone aside and asks them how they even passed Photo I and then talks to them like they're stupid(not me, but might as well have been, don't fuck with my friends!), and finally, a person who asks someone(me and friend) to redo a project that took a few weeks to complete, in one day, then after not completing in the one day announcing to the class that those who didn't complete the project(me and friend) should send apology letters around.
The trusted people that I have checked with say that she is a power hungry whore that needs bopped in the face. Preferably with something heavier than a fist.

So I have decided that I am going to manage my behavior until after my friend and I turn in this project, more for the benefit for my friend so she can wipe that silly smile off our Professor's face with her beautiful photographs, then I am not going to try to control myself anymore.

Thinking of all the choices I have to release my anger on this woman make me smile, don't worry none of them are physical. They're more along the lines of sending her an email that only says "Fuck you." and taking a well exposed photo of my middle finger with a caption underneath that says "No really, go fuck yourself" and turning it in as a project.

I kinda hope these feelings go away after the birth.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

We're having a BOY!

Isn't that wonderful!!!
Thats not really a question because if your answer would be anything but yes, I would somehow jump through the computer screen and strangle you slightly, not fully but slightly. To avoid all of that, I didn't make it a question.

Michael Joseph Junior will be apart of our family in February. I am so happy. He moved around a lot on the Ultra Sound, and I finally connected that weird feeling I was having to him punching me. Junior stretched then cuddled into a ball, he even sucked his thumb while we were watching him. He's absolutely beautiful.
Then he proved that he was going to be a true Sunkle boy (men on my husbands side) and he actually managed to embarrass the Ultra Sound Tech. while still in the womb.

At first it was very hard to find my baby's boy part, then 'for some reason' it was very easy.

Honestly if the woman had just come out and said it rather than try to describe it without using the real word I think she would have been a tad less embarrassed. Mike and I stared at her in confusion while she told us, repeatedly, "that sometimes it just sticks out, you know its perfectly natural, and sometimes they do that in the womb. It, uh, just sticks out like that" until it dawned on us that the word she was avoiding saying was (COVER YOUR EARS CHILDREN) "erection."

Sunkle boys take any opportunity, if it presents itself, when they can possibly embarrass the hell out of someone. Our son made that Ultra Sound Tech's face very red.

And I would like to say, HA top that shit! Wombs cannot contain his personality! Our son is AWESOME.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back from sunburn heaven

It feels like I was gone forever, but really it was only a week. I have to catch up on school work and get used to reality.
A couple things happened on vacation,

One: I got so sunburnt that the baby is going to come out with a tan.

Two: I saw a billboard on the way down there promoting an aquarium with an image of a parrot on it. Either someone is really stupid or they are drowning parrots there.

Three: Mike and I had a discussion about how the USA should be spending their money now that they closed down the space program. I decided that we should focus on taming sharks so we can ride them like dolphins and Mike decided that I was retarded.

Lots of other things happened during the cruise, and I will share them with you later, or possibly forget about them entirely.

Friday, September 9, 2011

This totally happened

I pulled the "Pull" tab on this package to open in....I pulled the "Pull" tab off.

Can you believe that shit?
The package remains unopened.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm going to the Bahamas Bitches!

Oh yeah! Gonna get my sunburn on! Hehehaha.

All I really wanted to do was rub it in anyones face who is not going to the BAHAMAS!
Thats the whole reason for this post.

So while I roll in the sun, you (whoever is reading this) will be soaking in the rain, put that in your pipe and stare at it because you won't be able to light it because it will be all wet from the rain that your soaking in.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Not much about pregnancy

Here lately I have been writing a lot about school, and nothing about pregnancy. Soo I thought I would write about it a little now, because that is what the blog is called.

I look preggy now :) its fun, but along with that I really don't fit into most of my clothes. Like 75% of them. I am dead certain that I am growing everyday, Mom says its totally possible and the other morning I could feel it.
Not the baby, but the belly, which I guess is the baby, well it didn't move or whatever. I tried getting out of bed and it was a lot more difficult then it normally is. I realized that something was on my stomach and that was what was making it hard to was my belly.
I feel like its not actually part of my body. Its like this baby incubator that is attached to my front, but not actually my organs or body parts.

I got Mike a "Dad" cup and he smiled at it, then told me to stop getting him 'daddy' stuff because it was "freakin' him out". Which I took as I should get him A LOT more 'daddy' stuff.
He doesn't want to go look at baby stuff, and I think one of the reasons is that he wants to buy EVERYTHING. But the other reason, I think, is this weird sense of denial, like "we don't need this stuff yet because we got time."
Which I totally understand because thats what keeps me from actually buying the baby stuff. I just want to go look at it, and rub my cheek on the blankets, and ask out loud "do you think baby will play with this?" to nobody, or to strangers which stare at me.

Honestly, time is going by fast. I'm 17 weeks now, and even though I keep looking at my belly and sending mental messages like, "You can take a rest for a little while, stretch this out a little, cuz once I poop you out you are going to be so pissed." it doesn't take my advice, it actually seems to speed up.

I had to buy a bathing suit yesterday. We are going on a honeymoon trip, gifted from my Dad, next week to the Bahamas. None of my bathing suits fit now, at least not the tops, which now look like those bathing suit tops that models and porn stars wear.
Trying on bathing suits was super weird since I don't recognize my body anymore. It was like dressing someone else and guessing at their sizes. I did pretty good though, and got a purple bikini that covers everything that is supposed to be covered.

Green apples make me throw up.

Okay I think that is good enough for the pregnancy post, devour that and let it digest. Don't eat it to fast or you will get the hiccups.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dear teacher who considers me stupid

"Your last name is different on the class list on Go Studio. Just wondering about that.  Please let me know, Ms. Douglas"

I realize that I may be not as understanding with this woman because of my dislike of her, but I still have to know if she is just being nosy or lazy.

I recently got married, and I love telling people that, so I don't mind when people ask if I changed my name because of marriage. But thats not what she is asking. Infact I'm not sure what she is asking.

I might have confused her when I signed my email I was sending her, asking about how to sign on to the appropriate class online so I could complete my homework, Bryn Sunkle. But I have to believe that she would use the same problem solving technique she so helpfully supplied me with, "Bryn, you need to read the syllabus thoroughly".
Oh, thank you, my problems are solved. Accept for the fact that I did read the syllabus thoroughly, before emailing you in desperation two days before the homework is due. Thats how I got onto the fucking website to begin with!(did I mention this was a online class?)
What I learned, other than what website to go to sign up, was that you do not know how to use a word processor program, have no idea how to use the tab key, and are forgetful(because you repeated information several times)
Since reading paperwork was your idea of solving my problem, why not use it on yourself? UPDATE YOUR ROSTER! Then the name I signed my email with will make sense, because I am infact not completely stupid, because the first day I was at school I changed my name with them, so its in their systems.
The fact that you haven't updated your roster since the first day of school is kinda scary, considering that most of the student body during the first week change their schedule multiple times. Are you sure I am even in your class??? Just some helpful hints,

From your dumb student

Friday, September 2, 2011

My friends are Mama Lions

So school started Monday, and I have class everyday, which is so nice to plan around.
It was strange and wonderful being back on the campus though, strange because I forgot how colorful a person can dress, and wonderful because I somehow fit in here.

I love most of my classes, except for Intro to Psych (online). I met the teacher once and DO NOT like her. She sent me a few emails that just reinforced the feeling of dislike. But other than her, the rest of the teachers seem like they will actually teach me something.

Some bummer news is that since I am preggo there is no way I can finish my second semester, thus not graduating this year like I planned. I just figured this out yesterday, but I am strangely not as sad as I thought I would be after finding this information out. I know it will be okay.

Some awesome news is that my friends are super protective of me. Walking in a crowded classroom, I tripped and slammed into a table, my friends however thought that this boy walking next to me pushed me. They whipped around fast and cornered the boy. Megan, one of the two, came to the realization that I was clumsy first. Katie, however, did not realize this and jumped at the boy with her hands clenched into fists. I think she stopped herself from full on attacking him because he said he was sorry, even though he didn't do anything, she was kinda scary.

I thought I would turn into a mama lion, being preggy and all, but it seems my friends have turned into lioness' instead.

Its wonderful to have friends that would beat a boy to a pulp for a misunderstanding.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just measured my ass

My ass is larger that my belly.
I realize in normal conditions this may be seen as a good thing, but since I am preggy, and my belly seems to be growing everyday, growing bigger than it ever has, my ass should NOT be bigger.

Belly: 36 in
Ass: 40 in

Now I do have to say that my measurements were prolly not exactly on the dot, my tools were earbuds and a plastic ruler, but the fact still remains that somehow my ass has outgrown my belly.
I just can't get over the fact.

Maybe my ass is going to have a child.