Saturday, July 23, 2011

Normally I wouldn't be so violent, but right now, don't let me near a gun

So to recap a little, I saw a kickass zombie flash mob at the Lancaster Arts fair, done by my wonderful friend and her family. Like I said it was kickass, later I will post a video. Then I threw up at a Mcdonalds and prehaps left my wallet there. No worries though, whoever found it would have turned it in, there is no money in it hehehe.

On other things, I just read about what happened in Norway, where there was a shooting at a youth camp and 84 were killed. Parents are said to still be looking for there kids.

I recently read something that pregnant women really shouldn't read about things that involve children, babies or parents dying, but I had to keep reading the article about Norway because I kept hoping that I would come to the part where the gun back fired took off half the mans face and he slowly bleed to death.
Targically that didn't happen, he still fucking alive.

Some parents are stilling looking for their kids...I never thought I would WANT to shoot someone, but I really think I would if I had a gun and I was near him. Fucker.

The best thing about this, is that I am a Christian and I believe that if he finds faith then God will accpet him and forgive him, which is why I love our merciful God, but even if he did ask forgivness he would have to live with those killings for the rest of his life, and it would be his own personal hell.

AND if he doesn't find faith, then I know that hell has a special room for him where worst tortures than I can imagine and he totally deserves will be waiting.

PS I kinda think pregnancy makes me a little more violent

PSS Even if I wasn't pregnant I would be pissed, but maybe not as violent

PSSS Maybe


  1. I'm not pregnant and I want to shoot him too

  2. I don't know why I just put that comment as anonymous