Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ugh okay grown up time...I have to buy a bra

Okay because of a good friend and a lovely husband, I have to suck it up and go out and buy a new bra. Bras are stupid.

I don't care if they make your boobies look nice or that they come in kinds of pretty shapes and sizes, they are LIARS!

They are comfortable when you put them on in the store and maybe for a day or two then BAM! They pinch and fold your skin in the wrong places, they have to much fabric which makes you feel inadequate even though its your damn size, the straps hurt and leave tiny marks, and even though you asked for a nude color bra, just so you could wear it with your nice white t-shirts, you can see it through the shirt!

Bras are stupid.
And I have to have one :( cuz my boobs are really starting to sag, and they really never had before.

A good friend said I should get one before its too late and they are keeping my knees warm, and my husband keeps looking at them and chuckling....he mentioned orangutans at one point.
Both is good and terrifying advice, which is making me venture out to find the cheapest bra I can find so I can throw it in the trash once I grow out of it, which might be in the next month, or weeks, I don't know how this boob thing works.


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