Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My skirts hurt now

The elastic that holds up my pretty skirts, and also hides my pregnant, but doesn't look pregnant, just looks like fat, belly now hurts my sides. Its to the point that I consider the looks I would get if I just took off my skirt in public places. Everyone has seen a barely dressed woman before right? This is America.

AND I just had a dietian tell me that I have a nutritional problem...Slow Weight Gain.

Slow weight gain my ass, no really MY ASS! They should have just looked at it, its huge! Its like someone, a sneaky someone, stuck balloons in my ass and they inflate a little more everyday. Which is why the beautiful elastic in my skirts and soft shorts no longer are helpful, just painful, and irritating, and possibly a future cause of public nudity.

1 comment:

  1. oh your ass is not huge huge baby. just wait. did your aunt terie show you the picture of my post pregnant burnt ass after a tanning bed...with a perfect paper towel outline on it. not pretty.