Friday, December 16, 2011


End of semester, turned in all of my homework!

Or you know the stuff I got kidding I got everything done...well...shit I don't know.

But it's to late now and I'm over it! Now I just have to wait and hold my breath while my grades come in, sad part is that if I fail any classes it won't be because I missed to many classes or because of missing work, it will be because my skill level of my assignments and projects. Ugh, it will be really super when I am totally done with school.

So now I that I am done I have absolutely nothing to distract me from the impending baby due date, and it's really exciting and totally scary. I do not think 9 months is enough to prepare for a HUMAN BEAN!(yes I intentionally spelled that wrong, enjoy it) No matter how many other people have done it before, it just doesn't seem like enough time.
Christmas doesn't count as a distraction since its coming in like a week or so, because everyone will be talking about Junior and how they can't wait til he's here, and even though I am totally excited I could prolly wait a little longer and be just fine. Also Christmas lasts a day and thats not enough of a distraction.

Not sure if this post even makes sense...I'm pretty tired, like really prolly are wasting your time reading this.
If thats the case:


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