Thursday, December 22, 2011

Junior is going to be HUGE

Well not really huge, but a nice healthy size...kinda like plump, or just it obvious yet that I really don't know.

Yesterday at the baby doc appt. we got to meet one of the other midwives(she was a little crazy but nice), while there we also asked if she could tell how big Junior was going to be. It went kinda like this:

Me: " there anyway you can tell how big he is going--"
Midwife: "I'd say 7-8lbs."
Me: "....what?"
Midwife: "If you make it to full term then based on your measurements he will be 7-8lbs."
Me: "...."
Mike: *laugh*"That's great! We get a big baby!"
Midwife: "Yeah. Well, he's not going to be a 9lb baby or anything like that, but 7-8lbs, well actually closer to 8."
Me: ""

Yeah, it took a while to sink in, like 30 mins, and Mike kept asking why I was surprised when most people ask if we are having twins, and I didn't really have a reason. Well I did, but it doesn't make much sense.
My reason was I thought that the reason I was getting so big is cuz they messed up on the due date or something, not because I had the ability to form an almost 8lb child.
And after it sunk in, I was like: HELL YEAH! Not only do we get a baby that is super cool(cuz hes our baby and thats just how it is) and embarrasses ultrasounds tecs like a pro, but hes going to be a big healthy baby! OUR BABY IS SO COOL!

And then after that I wondered if I was going to be able to push him out or not, but thanks to medical science and advancement I didn't have to ponder that long. Cuz if I can't push him out I know they can cut him out.

As long as I get my super cool baby.

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  1. Super Cool baby is right! But look who his parents are-he is bound to be amazing :] It was great seeing you the other day and you are looking great! I can't believe how much your belly has grown since I saw you two weeks earlier! Can't wait to meet JR!!!!! HOpe you are doing good.