Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I am totally HUGE

Well not really.
If you saw me on the street and didn't know me from before the pregginess, then you would think, "preggy or not?" Or if you could recognize that I'm preggy then you might think, "not very far along."

but I'm like a week away from being 6 months, so I am more than halfway and I am literally growing everyday, noticeably, to me at least.

Is it supposed to happen this fast? I've been told it is, but its so hard to believe because its happening to my body. I'm almost out of my coco butter, not because I, in a frantic attempt to avoid stretch marks, have been smearing it on thicker, but because there is A LOT more skin to cover....Ok I might be smearing it on a little thick.

And does anyone know how to crack the lower part of your back when you have a belly that looks and feels like a basketball? Its really hard to lay on my stomach, and when ppl see me they scream and think I am crushing the baby. (Mom)
I'm not, because if you have ever laid on a basketball you would know that the basketball doesn't move, it just smushes you, which is what happens when you lay on your pregnant belly.
And if that crushing the baby thing were true people wouldn't pay for abortions.

Junior is moving like a damn soccer player these days, its so COOL! The only time its not cool is when he kicks me awake, then its like, "Huh? Why did I wak-OW!"
Because of him moving so much I keep imaging him outside my belly. but my imgaination is limited because I have no experience with newborns, so instead of imagining what they show on tv I just keep seeing Junior sleeping(hopefully), and smiling(hopefully), and having arguments with him, that he won't understand, about kicking his legs when I change his diaper because he gets poop on them when he does that. These things just keep circling in my mind, and even though it doesn't seem likely, it fills up my brain making it impossible to do normal things.

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