Thursday, October 6, 2011

I wish I could bottle bliss and hand it out like candy.

This pregnancy thing is reeking havoc on my mind, I can barely remember what I did last week.(thats not true, I actually can't remember what I did last week, don't call the funny farm plz)

^That's a disclaimer in case I get off track. Okay! Now for the real shit!

So here lately my friends and family, which are basically the same people, have been having a lot of shit thrown their way. When I say 'shit' I mean bad luck, hard decisions, and the not nice side of life.
Everyone goes through tough times like this, but it seems to have formed a bubble around the people I love at the moment.

Things like car accidents, money problems, family sickness, and those kinds of decisions that once you choose one path to walk there truly is no turning back. The best part about writing about this is that I know that people who read this will understand exactly what I am describing. These are the kind of things that don't just make a bad day, they can make a bad few months, sometimes even a bad year.

I don't know how to fix cars, the money I have to hand out is at max about ten dollars, I am no doctor, and I don't want to decide your life. But I can listen, and maybe give some advice and/or chocolate.

I wish I could bottle my happiness, or whatever chemical it is my brain releases whenever I get into some bad shit that says, "Well, fuck it. It will all be okay in the end."

Because it has to be okay in the end, for me at least. My goal in life is to be happy, and I keep that in mind with every decision I make. When decisions are taken from me, and life throws me something stinky, that chemical in my brain comes in handy. It brings reality to the forefront of my mind, reality that this bad situation is a passing phase, if it wasn't people wouldn't plant flowers, or smile for photos, there wouldn't be any laughter.
And since I can still see all these things and more I can sigh, not waste to much of my stress and tears(I would rather use my tears on a good book, wedding, or laughing to hard) and get through it.
I've talked with a few of my family members about my way of handling things, and they are usually confused and envious(not bragging) about how I can wave away dirt and bad air to see the light at the end.

I can do that because I know its the truth. Happiness isn't always big, sometimes its really really small, you just have to keep a lookout for it and grab it, cuz otherwise it will just pass you by.

^^Bottle that shit right there. Plz take with a smile and some chocolate.

ps I am glad I put that disclaimer at the top, because I think I went off subject somehow. I don't know how cuz I can't remember what it was exactly that I wanted to write about, but I am pretty sure this is damn close.

pss Pretty sure

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  1. Well..... You seriously made me cry. Thanks so much for all that you do for me. You are such a great friend & person and will make an absolutely amazing Mom :]