Sunday, October 16, 2011

There is a reason...

That I haven't been posting that much. Nothing is really happening, yet at the same time a lot of stuff is happening.

There's not a lot of stuff that I know you would want to read about, but there is a lot of stuff that I have to do, like homework...well mostly homework.

Uh, lets see...I finished ALL of the laundry the other day, by MYSELF. That right there is a true accomplishment for me, because it has never happened and I had absolutely no reason for doing it except for the pile was getting big enough to hide people in it(thats kinda normal for us)
Mom thinks nesting kicked in, Mike hopes it did, I don't think so.

I cut out little tiny fairies for my photo project and my finger swelled up. I have never seen this before so I thought it was cool.

We have a baby appointment on Wed. in which they will make me drink something that they assure me will just taste 'really sugary, definitely not bad', which I assume means it will taste awful. I asked if was worse than whiskey, cuz I can take a shot of whiskey and that tastes like shit, so if it was worse than that we would have problems, and the nurse replied, 'oh no! its better than whiskey. I know what you mean I hate whiskey.' I'm not sure what that means but I don't think she understood what I meant at all.

I keep telling people wrong when they ask me how far along I am, not on purpose, just because I am really bad at math. I keep asking Mike how far along I am so I can keep track.
I am almost 6 months :)

Junior is coming fast! And instead of asking myself if I am ready to be a parent, I keep wondering if I should breast pump before he gets here, just in case he doesn't do that latching thing...which I kinda think means I am sorta maybe ready.

Okay, that was a shitty post, I'm sorry. Please don't hit me with rocks.


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