Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sorry I was MIA

I've have been losing my mind, and can't remember if I have done stuff already or not. I somehow thought when this "absentmindedness" came that I would remember that I forgot something, but thats a no go. I forget completely, which means I forget that I forgot...which is how insanity is born.

So our vague theme of woodsy green and brown for Junior was ruined with one trip to Babies R Us. Mike fell in love with this 'playard' thing that will be replacing our crib and also is a playpen, bassinet, mobile, and diaper changing table. It also has a hamper and shelves, and its about 3 feet tall and can be folded up and carried around.

All this kickass cool shit, and it the damn thing only comes in one color choice of blue and brown. Thats just silly. But doesn't really matter because we have to have it.

Mike also discovered that he LOVES baby stuff with monkeys on it. I hold up a cute baby sweater and he holds up a identical one except for the little monkey head on the front. His is better, and you can't make him think otherwise.

I discovered that I do not have as much of an opinion as Mike does when it comes to what our baby will wear, sleep-in, and eat out of. My only preference that I am aware of is, "Can we find this softer?"

I think its fantastic that it has worked out this way. Mike picks things and brands with good reason backing him up, so much so that I question why I didn't think of these things, and totally appreciate that he did. One of us should right?

ps this post was supposed to be about something else, but I forgot.

pss actually now I can't remember if I had a subject in mind when I began writing this post

psss is today even Tuesday?

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