Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dear teacher who considers me stupid

"Your last name is different on the class list on Go Studio. Just wondering about that.  Please let me know, Ms. Douglas"

I realize that I may be not as understanding with this woman because of my dislike of her, but I still have to know if she is just being nosy or lazy.

I recently got married, and I love telling people that, so I don't mind when people ask if I changed my name because of marriage. But thats not what she is asking. Infact I'm not sure what she is asking.

I might have confused her when I signed my email I was sending her, asking about how to sign on to the appropriate class online so I could complete my homework, Bryn Sunkle. But I have to believe that she would use the same problem solving technique she so helpfully supplied me with, "Bryn, you need to read the syllabus thoroughly".
Oh, thank you, my problems are solved. Accept for the fact that I did read the syllabus thoroughly, before emailing you in desperation two days before the homework is due. Thats how I got onto the fucking website to begin with!(did I mention this was a online class?)
What I learned, other than what website to go to sign up, was that you do not know how to use a word processor program, have no idea how to use the tab key, and are forgetful(because you repeated information several times)
Since reading paperwork was your idea of solving my problem, why not use it on yourself? UPDATE YOUR ROSTER! Then the name I signed my email with will make sense, because I am infact not completely stupid, because the first day I was at school I changed my name with them, so its in their systems.
The fact that you haven't updated your roster since the first day of school is kinda scary, considering that most of the student body during the first week change their schedule multiple times. Are you sure I am even in your class??? Just some helpful hints,

From your dumb student

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