Friday, September 2, 2011

My friends are Mama Lions

So school started Monday, and I have class everyday, which is so nice to plan around.
It was strange and wonderful being back on the campus though, strange because I forgot how colorful a person can dress, and wonderful because I somehow fit in here.

I love most of my classes, except for Intro to Psych (online). I met the teacher once and DO NOT like her. She sent me a few emails that just reinforced the feeling of dislike. But other than her, the rest of the teachers seem like they will actually teach me something.

Some bummer news is that since I am preggo there is no way I can finish my second semester, thus not graduating this year like I planned. I just figured this out yesterday, but I am strangely not as sad as I thought I would be after finding this information out. I know it will be okay.

Some awesome news is that my friends are super protective of me. Walking in a crowded classroom, I tripped and slammed into a table, my friends however thought that this boy walking next to me pushed me. They whipped around fast and cornered the boy. Megan, one of the two, came to the realization that I was clumsy first. Katie, however, did not realize this and jumped at the boy with her hands clenched into fists. I think she stopped herself from full on attacking him because he said he was sorry, even though he didn't do anything, she was kinda scary.

I thought I would turn into a mama lion, being preggy and all, but it seems my friends have turned into lioness' instead.

Its wonderful to have friends that would beat a boy to a pulp for a misunderstanding.

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