Monday, September 5, 2011

Not much about pregnancy

Here lately I have been writing a lot about school, and nothing about pregnancy. Soo I thought I would write about it a little now, because that is what the blog is called.

I look preggy now :) its fun, but along with that I really don't fit into most of my clothes. Like 75% of them. I am dead certain that I am growing everyday, Mom says its totally possible and the other morning I could feel it.
Not the baby, but the belly, which I guess is the baby, well it didn't move or whatever. I tried getting out of bed and it was a lot more difficult then it normally is. I realized that something was on my stomach and that was what was making it hard to was my belly.
I feel like its not actually part of my body. Its like this baby incubator that is attached to my front, but not actually my organs or body parts.

I got Mike a "Dad" cup and he smiled at it, then told me to stop getting him 'daddy' stuff because it was "freakin' him out". Which I took as I should get him A LOT more 'daddy' stuff.
He doesn't want to go look at baby stuff, and I think one of the reasons is that he wants to buy EVERYTHING. But the other reason, I think, is this weird sense of denial, like "we don't need this stuff yet because we got time."
Which I totally understand because thats what keeps me from actually buying the baby stuff. I just want to go look at it, and rub my cheek on the blankets, and ask out loud "do you think baby will play with this?" to nobody, or to strangers which stare at me.

Honestly, time is going by fast. I'm 17 weeks now, and even though I keep looking at my belly and sending mental messages like, "You can take a rest for a little while, stretch this out a little, cuz once I poop you out you are going to be so pissed." it doesn't take my advice, it actually seems to speed up.

I had to buy a bathing suit yesterday. We are going on a honeymoon trip, gifted from my Dad, next week to the Bahamas. None of my bathing suits fit now, at least not the tops, which now look like those bathing suit tops that models and porn stars wear.
Trying on bathing suits was super weird since I don't recognize my body anymore. It was like dressing someone else and guessing at their sizes. I did pretty good though, and got a purple bikini that covers everything that is supposed to be covered.

Green apples make me throw up.

Okay I think that is good enough for the pregnancy post, devour that and let it digest. Don't eat it to fast or you will get the hiccups.

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