Thursday, September 22, 2011

We're having a BOY!

Isn't that wonderful!!!
Thats not really a question because if your answer would be anything but yes, I would somehow jump through the computer screen and strangle you slightly, not fully but slightly. To avoid all of that, I didn't make it a question.

Michael Joseph Junior will be apart of our family in February. I am so happy. He moved around a lot on the Ultra Sound, and I finally connected that weird feeling I was having to him punching me. Junior stretched then cuddled into a ball, he even sucked his thumb while we were watching him. He's absolutely beautiful.
Then he proved that he was going to be a true Sunkle boy (men on my husbands side) and he actually managed to embarrass the Ultra Sound Tech. while still in the womb.

At first it was very hard to find my baby's boy part, then 'for some reason' it was very easy.

Honestly if the woman had just come out and said it rather than try to describe it without using the real word I think she would have been a tad less embarrassed. Mike and I stared at her in confusion while she told us, repeatedly, "that sometimes it just sticks out, you know its perfectly natural, and sometimes they do that in the womb. It, uh, just sticks out like that" until it dawned on us that the word she was avoiding saying was (COVER YOUR EARS CHILDREN) "erection."

Sunkle boys take any opportunity, if it presents itself, when they can possibly embarrass the hell out of someone. Our son made that Ultra Sound Tech's face very red.

And I would like to say, HA top that shit! Wombs cannot contain his personality! Our son is AWESOME.

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  1. Ha. You would think an ultrasound technician would have encountered this scenario so many times that it wouldn't be embarrass-worthy.

    And congratulations!