Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My defination of licking is different

I was going to write a nice post, one that was soft and fuzzy and had something to do with my unborn baby, but I can't remember what it was. I going to have to start writing shit down.

I have a Pinterest account and on the account I have a board called "I want to lick this". Only recently I have started to wonder if people understand what I am saying when I want to "lick" something. I am on the look out for peoples faces when I do say it, but it seems most people I talk to are used to me by now.

My definition of "licking" basically means I am calling something delicious, or delicious looking. I usually don't use this term to describe people, but most everything else.
Ex: "Oh my gosh, your new staircase looks amazing! I want to lick it!"

Personally I think my compliment is much more appropriate then when people say they want to "gobble you up" or "I could just eat you" they sound like cannibals, and if someone did look delicious enough to eat then they are greedy, not even thinking about leaving some for others.

"Licking" is so much better. One you never say it about a human, so your not a cannibal. And two it proves you know how to share. Instead of taking the whole thing, you just want a little taste, a little lick.

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