Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ha I forgot to put a title, I am totally goign to forget our names

So Mike and I have been talking about whether the baby is a girl or boy, he thinks its going to be a girl, I think boy, but as long as a healthy baby comes out we really don't care otherwise. We also talk a lot about how baby will look, because Mike and I share NO physical traits.
I have red hair, hazel eyes, very pale skin with freckles, and I'm kinda short(okay I'm short).
Mike has dark brown hair, super blue eyes, skin that tans with an hour of sunlight, and is an average height.
Even our toes are different!...but I'm getting off my point here..

Last night I had a dream about our baby, I ususally am not the one who dreams about baby, that's Mike's area, but last night I totally had one!
It was a girl, and it had exetremely long hair for a newborn, it was down to her shoulders! And I said, "Mike, see thats what all that indigestion was for!" It was this pretty brown color, not as dark as Mike's, but not even close to dirty blond. And it looked like it had been blown dry, which I questioned, but didn't say anything because it looked so good. She had pale skin, and lots of freckles, the thing about that though, was that it looked like one of the freckles took up most of her face, from under her eye, down her cheek and almost to her nose.
When I realized that she had got this gene of crazy freckles from me, I almost told Mike I was sorry, when our baby girl smiled at us, and she was just absolutely beautiful.

Thats about the end of my dream, the rest really isn't that interesting, we forgot the name we were going to name her, which made us look STUPID.
But other than that I can't wait for mike to call me on his break so I can tell him I am a psychic, maybe, and that we need to write those names on our hands BEFORE we leave for the hospital.

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