Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top ten baby names, poop

Just saw the top ten baby names in a magazine. Number three on the boys is the name we are going to use, Michael. We are naming our boy after Mike, so he will be a junior, the baby not big Mike. It took me a while to get on board with it at first, but I am totally for it now.

Now the sucky part is that if the name is in the top three, when our baby, if its a boy, goes to school then EVERYONE is going to have the name Michael. Poo.

Our girl name isn't on the top ten list, thank goodness. Its Molly, isn't that pretty :).

I'm not worried about telling anyone our baby names because if someone likes our names and then steals them and uses them, I am still going to name our babys Michael and Molly.
And then when I see your child, you name stealer, I am just going to tell them their parents are un creative and thiefs.



  1. Can I tell Molly your naming your baby after her?

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  3. you can, but it would kinda be a lie, but go ahead and lie :)