Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Grilled cheese and childhood

Sunday we went to my In-laws house to celebrate a birthday. While waiting for the food my sister-in-law Mailyn (who will soon be 12), my cousin-in-law Maddy (age 10) and I discussed which resturants we have only ate breakfast at, (we all agreed on Bob Evans), that Texas Roadhouses rolls and mac 'n' cheese was the greatest, and who had the best grilled cheese.
We all couldn't decide, then Maddy nodded her head in desicion, "Applebees"
And she was totally right, Applebees grilled cheese is so the best.

It surprised me on how much I had in common with these girls. My first thought was, "Aw, they're growing up."
Then I realized that we didn't have an in depth discussion about world peace, but where the best grilled cheese was.
They might be growing up, but I am staying a kid.

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