Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ten things baby and me HAVE to do.

Okay so I just finished reading that American Baby magazine that did actually have another stupid article in it, plus one kinda of fun one. The fun one was about annoying people that you will meet along the way, and it would have been better if the author had offered other comebacks that weren't as nice.
Ex: Author mentioned that her and her 8 month preggo friend were out having lunch and when the friend ordered decaf coffee and a piece of cherry pie the waitress yelled, "You can't have that!"
The friend apparently started crying, which is sad. But I think the appropiate response would be "It's either the pie and coffee or a hunk out of your cheek."

Anyhoo, for some reason the article got me thinking about all the stuff that I want baby to experience, yes I'm not sure how an article about rude waitress' got me thinking about this either but whatever, and I'm really excited to do this stuff!

1) Definatly want my baby to touch a squirrel, I didn't get to touch one til my sophmore year in college when I snuck up on one and I don't want my baby to have to wait that long. I'm just going to have to figure out an escape plan if it chases us.

2) Chicken Nuggets of course!

3) Creek walking. Mike wants to be in charge of fishing, swamping, hiking, etc. But I am going to have to take baby on my version of creek walking, where you catch really tiny crawdads, get so messy people look at you and wonder how you got mud up to your ears in water two feet deep, and then release everything we catch so we can find them next time.

4) Read them the fairy tale stories by Gail Carson Levine, I have all of them so no problem there. And I don't care if baby is a boy, good stories are for everyone, especially my baby.

5) Using the stairs as a slide. This is done with sleeping bags, the top of a toy box, large pillows, or (if you can't find any of that stuff) your ass. This will have to wait until baby gets a little bigger because injuries are always involved.

6) Driving a car. I know what your thinking, 'Duh Bryn, of course you kid will drive a car', but my version is prolly cooler....and scarier. I want baby to experience driving a car without being able to reach the pedals. That makes it funner.

7) Take a bath while wearing clothing. If you have never done it, then somewhere your life has taken a wrong turn.

8) Coloring on the walls. This is seen as a 'no-no' and I don't understand why. First we shall try chalk, just for practice, then after that it doesn't really matter. Hell, maybe we will even dedicate an entire wall to drawing. How fun!

9) Reese Cups, Coke a Cola, and Lays Cheese and Sour Cream chips. All at the same time.

I can't think of a tenth thing....woops

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